5star Pet Homes - Mission

To build the BEST pet homes in the world,

To give pets a very special place of their own, &

To create a company and community that benefits pets everywhere

5star Pet Homes - Values that guide our activities:

Deliver Absolutely Amazing -5star- Products and Service

Develop Honest Relationships, Engage People, and Focus on Helping Pets

Be Positive, Listen Actively, Remain Open-Minded, Keep Promises, and Have Fun

Create Change, Discern Details, Measure Quality, Seek Talent, and Value Craftsmanship

Always Explore, Learn, Smile, Visualize, and Be Happy

5star Pet Homes - the Story of our fanaticism with pet homes

The idea for homes tailored to pets begins decades ago when my dad, Ken Cash, built a play house for me in the wooded back yard of our home north of Chicago. As a child having his own 'fortress' complete with a rope ladder and trap door, I felt secure in knowing that I had my own 'private room' where I could be alone or invite my friends. This childhood experience opened my intuition so I can sense the desire for a secure and cozy space with cats, dogs and other pets.

With my first puppy, I remember my grandfather, Ken Cash Senior, absolutely dumbfounded that my parents would consider letting dogs inside our house. His generation believed that dogs were unclean and should only live outside in the barn or shed, and never with people in their domicile. Attitudes towards pets have really changed in the past couple of generations! And, these days, most homes lack a barn or any comfortable place outside for a pet to call its own, and inside many homes, a pet doesn't fare any better.

Then, a few years ago, I moved into a large cottage with four older cats, and fell in love with one of them. The cats needed a place of their own, and I wanted to remove the smell of the litter box. After multiple designs and a few prototypes, the Cat Haven(tm) was born.  I'm getting ahead of myself now, but I have to admit, it's cats that started me on the path to pet homes.

The concept of an ultimate dog house has been with me since my childhood, wondering why my dog couldn't have a little home of his own - like Snoopy.  This idea came to me after my dad built a 'red baron' model to fit over my bike (with training wheels attached), and my grandmother dressed me in a full Snoopy costume when I was 5 (or maybe 6) years old.  I won first place in the Forth of July Parade that year, and yes I have pictures of it all but will wait until I'm not so embarrassed to show everyone.  So, even after all these years, I guess you could say that I'm still a (big) kid (at heart) and that I design and build products that bring out the 'kid' in all of us, and that will endure the outdoors for the next generation to enjoy.

Woof, -Top Dog